Precision Stucco will increase the value of your home, improve its insulation, and make your house or building more attractive – all at the same time!  That’s just some of the benefits of adding stucco to your home.  

Stucco insulates and beautifies your home.  It has nearly a 70 year life expectancy. With our help you will create an individual personality of your home.  No cookie cutter house for you!  Your only limit is your imagination.  Better yet, our stucco will pay for itself in only a few short years with reduced heating and cooling costs.  You won’t need to spend thousands of dollars every few years repainting your house.  And stucco will even cut down on street noise entering your home through the walls. 

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Here’s what you can expect from Precision Stucco:

  • Expert advice
  • Work crews showing up on time – no waiting for “sometime between 8 and 5…”
  • Highly skilled professionals
  • Walk around inspection with you, once the work is done
  • Making sure you are totally satisfied with the work.
  • Any leftover finish is given to you to use for touchups later on.

How we do it:

We use something called E.I.F.S.  That stands for exterior insulation finishing system. The first thing is installing a good moisture barrier.  But we do more than that.  We install a liquid air/moisture barrier.  Then we put on a layer of foam on the walls, from 1" to 2" is the average (thicker is available) which gives between a R4 - R8. Next comes a fiberglass mesh embedded in a synthetic concrete base coat. We double up the mesh on the outside corners and at all the window and door corners eliminating chance of failure. The mesh is where the strength and durability comes from. Next, we install a primer coat.  Then the base coat, and finally we install the finish coat.  This is where you come in.

You’ll have an almost unlimited choice of colors.  The tough part will be deciding what color to use!  And there are several choices of textures, too. The final important item is the caulking.  It’s installed around the windows and doors.  We put a backer rod in a special caulk channel and polyurethane tooled into place.  That’s to keep your stucco looking and working perfectly for years.  In fact, if you see stucco that’s cracked or has failed, it’s usually because the installer didn’t do the caulking correctly. 

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